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The Coalition Against Domestic Violence aims to ensure that children, women and men in Trinidad and Tobago live in an environment free from physical, emotional, sexual, psychological and spiritual violence...


Our committed volunteers are invested in making positive change in communities affected by domestic and gender-based violence.








T&T Coalition Against Domestic Violence
T&T Coalition Against Domestic Violence
137 women are killed by a member of their family every day. Most of the time, the face of a perpetrator is a familiar one. There is something you can do every day to change this reality. Here are 10 ways you can make a difference: #OrangeTheWorld #16Days
Cada día, 137 mujeres son asesinadas por un miembro de su familia. En la mayoría de los casos, el rostro del agresor es familiar. Existen acciones del día a día para cambiar esto. Descubre 10 maneras de marcar la diferencia: #PintaElMundoDeNaranja #16Días
T&T Coalition Against Domestic Violence
T&T Coalition Against Domestic Violence
#DomesticViolence harms everyone, so it's never too early to explain what it means to our young ones.

Difficult conversations are necessary.

Let's educate the children in our lives about what is right, wrong, and simply not a joke.

#16Days #OrangeTheWorld
T&T Coalition Against Domestic Violence
T&T Coalition Against Domestic Violence
T&T Coalition Against Domestic Violence
#GenderBasedViolence is everyone's problem.

Let's do some revision with one of our favourite teachers, Stephon Felmine, as he talks about #EndingViolenceAgainstWomenAndGirls in our "Man to Man" series.
T&T Coalition Against Domestic Violence
T&T Coalition Against Domestic Violence
T&T Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Let’s flip the narrative that places blame on victims and use the power of language in service of survivors, not perpetrators. #orangetheworld #16days #UNWomen
T&T Coalition Against Domestic Violence
T&T Coalition Against Domestic Violence
T&T Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Victim blaming comes in many forms, and is oftentimes subtler and more unconscious than we realize.

It can apply to cases of rape and sexual assault, but also to more mundane crimes, like a person who gets pickpocketed and is then criticized for their decision to carry their wallet in his back pocket.

Any time someone defaults to questioning what a victim could have done differently to prevent a crime, they are participating, to some degree, in the culture of victim blaming.

Let us all commit to being more mindful of how our language harms victims as well as excuses perpetrators.

#16Days #OrangeTheWorld #EndGenderBasedViolence #EliminateViolenceAgainstWomenAndGirls #cadv #TrinidadAndTobago
T&T Coalition Against Domestic Violence
T&T Coalition Against Domestic Violence
T&T Coalition Against Domestic Violence
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Reposted from @createfuturegood Learn healthy non-violent strategies to prevent domestic violence!

An unprecedented partnership between The "I Have The Power To END Gender Based Violence" Campaign brings to you 16 Days of Activism + Awareness + Advocacy + ACTION!

We are working together to End Violence. Join us!

"We are determined to achieve a change in behaviour and culture around violence. If we as a people REALLY want to stop violence, murder, abuse, then we have to start with our children. We must teach them useable methods to prevent violence. If they can practice these as they grow, then they should be better able to face difficult situations as adults. Behaviour change will take some years, and it starts with lessons now."

The “I Have the Power to End Gender Based Violence” campaign will run on participating radio and TV stations, which include TTT, CCN TV6, Gayelle The Caribbean, M&ETV, Tobago Channel 5 and Tobago Updates.

Powered by over 30 amazing organizations and interest groups!
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The Coalition is currently engaged in a number of partnership programmes to deal with and address the growing concerns relating to domestic violence plaguing our society. Here are just a few examples.

Youth Speak Up Project: In a UWI-led project, CADV is promoting the voices of youth on development issues that affect them, and in particular, gender-based violence.

The Coalition provides free counselling support services to persons who have been victims of domestic violence, as well as to perpetrators who wish to stop their abusive behaviour. This includes sessions for couples, and young persons. Counselling is carried out by our qualified in-house counsellors. Appointments can be made by telephoning the Coalition’s office.

Development of a case management protocol: As part of the UN EC Spotlight Programme in Trinidad and Tobago, CADV is working with UNFPA and with the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services to develop a case management strategy that ensures access to coordinated, timely, and quality multi-sectoral services for all women and girls who have experienced family violence.

Expanding Civil Society Advocacy and Action to Enhance Quality Service Delivery to Women and Girls affected by Family Violence: Working in Southeast Trinidad and in Tobago, CADV will partner with community-based organizations to expand prevention programming with youth.

First Time, Last Time: Targeting older adolescents and youth, in 2021 CADV will focus on preventing the initiation of violence in relationships. The programme will build the confidence of young women and men to demand healthy, respectful, and equitable relationships and to speak up and act against violence. The key message is that we can all change/be the change and contribute to zero tolerance for all forms of violence.




The CADV is mostly comprised of individuals and organisations addressing the concerns of violence in the society. We try to be representative of both rural and urban areas. Our programmes support and involve persons of all racial, social, religious and economic groups, ages and lifestyles. We oppose the use of physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, financial and spiritual violence as a means of control over others. We support wholesome family life, equality in relationships, and the concept of helping people to assume control over their own lives.