Alliance for State Action Comments on Sexual Offences Act Amendments

CADV is committed to partnerships as an effective approach to policy advocacy to achieve changes in law, programming and mobilizing resources. In recognition of the broad network of committed advocates and active supporters in the sphere of gender-based violence, CADV initiated a collective call to action which morphed into an Alliance For State Action (ASA). The ASA is a network of organisations and individuals working in solidarity to monitor state action and advocate for state accountability to prevent and respond effectively to end gender-based violence.


The ASA attended a Stakeholder Engagement Session on the Sexual Offenses Amendment Bill, 2021 and submitted eleven (11) recommendations for adjustment and inclusion. The recommendations centred around the use of inclusive, non-discriminatory language, comprehensively addressing the question of motive, the criminalization of threats to share intimate images and the establishment of a multi-stakeholder coordination mechanism for monitoring and evaluation.


Click to read the ASA’s official comments on the Sexual Offences Act Amendments 

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